Welcome to LoXiM - an experimental Database Management System

LoXiM is an object oriented, semistructured DBMS. It is intended to serve a number of query languages. Currently only one is available, namely the AOQL mentioned in the whitepaper of OMG known also as SBQL (Stack Based Query Language). We plan to serve soon also SQL, XQuery. It is a research project - it's main purpose is to provide a stable platform for testing, developing and inventing new ideas. We will also publish stable releases suitable for production systems.

Current state is alpha. For current release please refer to documentation section.

We encourage you to test it, use it, report bugs, send us new ideas and contribute in any way you want - there is plenty of work to do. Working on LoXiM means dealing with cutting-edge approach to databases, brings much satisfaction and lets you explore the unknown.